Hasliberg self catering chalet rental

Chalet in the Alps, Hasliberg Goldern

To rent our chalet in the alps is easy. Check out the following links www.haslital.ch www.meiringen-hasliberg.ch and www.myswitzerland.ch

A self catering chalet in the Alps gives you lots of options

What to do in the Alps -this depends on how active or inactive you are and obviously the time of year, the wonderful view remains the same and hours can be spent just sitting and looking at the scenery.
Winter doesn’t just mean skiing, snowboarding and sledging, there are still lovely walks and places to visit.
Equipment can be hired from Fahner Sport in Twing or Intersport in Reuti or Meiringen.
Day excursions could include Luzern Transport museum, Interlaken and Grindelwald and the Jungfrau, whilst there are numerous other tourist attractions including the Ballenberg open air museum near Brienz. In the summer the weather can be great, so sunbathing and swimming are just as possible as walking, cycling, mountaineering, ‘trotti bikes’ - large wheeled scooters, paragliding or visiting gorges and glaciers. Sherlock Holmes has his roots in Meiringen and the chalet faces the Reichenbachfalls.

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Information links for our chalet in the Alps

Information on the Bernese Oberland region.
Panorama Restaurant and cable cars to Alpen Tower

Impartial view on resort area or another opnion of Hasliberg

Spring or Summer at our chalet in the Alps

The restaurants detailed above are all equally spectacular throughout the year. In addition there are restaurants within walking distance of the chalet or a short drive for those of you who may have had enough exercise.
The Wirtschaft zur Post in Goldern is about a 10-15 minute walk down from our chalet in the village. The food is excellent and the owner is very friendly.
The Gasthof Weber in Reuti is a longer walk, of about 30-40 minutes is particularly if combined with the Hasliberg houses walk.
The Restaurant-Ferienhaus in Wasserwendi has wide menu and is particularly family friendly with a special evening on Mondays for children.
I understand that the Hotel Gletscherblick in Hasliberg Goldern is very good - it is undergoing some renovation work at the moment - it is about a 15 minute walk away.
The Gasthof Berghaus near the minigolf above Wasserwendi is a 10 minute walk away and can be combined with awalk or a visit.
The restaurant at the Rehaklinik at Hasliberg Hohfluh is also recommended by our neighbours.

Winter at our chalet in the Alps

In the winter we do not tend to eat out in the evening, although any of the restaurants listed in the summer selection offer wonderful Swiss cuisine all year round. The Panoramarestaurant Alpen tower at 2250m, the Bergrestaurant at Magisalp at 1710m and ‘family’ restaurant Bidmi at 1423m and the Berghaus Kaserstatt at 1840m, Haagen Stubeli at 2010m and Baergbeizli at Bidmi all have restaurants, where your appetite can be satisfied with anything from a sandwich to a 3 course meal. It may come as a shock to pay 7 Swiss francs for a plate of chips and extra for a sachet of ketchup - the Swiss brand is Thomy but the portion is large and generally freshly made - a children’s’ or half portion can also be requested. There are children’s’ meals ranging from spaghetti Bolognese, chips and wienerli (like a frankfurter) and even the very cosmopolitan chicken nuggets.
Many of the restaurants also have special evening evenings during winter with fondue, raclette and other foods, traditional Swiss folk music and some with downhill skiing by

Activities all year round to entertain children

Active children to amuse in the summer - look no more.

I don't know the age of your children but mine love going on the monster trotti scooters - these are scooters with tyres the size of a mini, they 're heavy and you have to wear a helmet - we go from Kaserstatt to Lischen, about 1800m to 1400 m, there is the easy route down the windy mountain road or the extreme off road route, you can guess who takes the easy and who goes extreme!
There is also an outside pool in Meiringen, which has several diving boards - hard to come by in this country - the boys had diving lessons in Southampton as it was the only way to be allowed to use them. It also has a separate large slide with bumps and a playing field. There are also lakes at Lungern and Brienz which both have'beaches - you pay a small entrance fee, but there is anything from trampolines to slides to diving boards, also pedalos etc, Brienz is cold as it is glacier fed, but it is only me who finds it cold, Hasliberg also invested in a natural lake above the Twing cable car it is mountain stream fed, it is cheap to use and from the water you have 360 degrees of views - i could go on with lots more as we have spent most of the past 5 years there in the summer, as we go away for the entire school holidays as our business permits .


For those of you who cannot survive without the internet access can be had at the Hotel Gletscherblick in Hasliberg Goldern


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An experience ofSwiss national day August 1st

August 1st is the Swiss National holiday, following a public vote on 26 September 1993, it was made an official national holiday in 1994. It is celebrated each year on 1 August with country wide parades, bonfires, Swiss flags, firework displays and beacons. Switzerland celebrated its 718th anniversary on 1 August 2009, it is a relatively young country, 1291 is said to be when the country was created, but it was only in 1648 when it became independent.
We have spent many August 1st celebrations in Haslital. We were introduced to this event by the locals but found that all were welcome, 'foreigners and tourists' alike.
We take the cable car to Kaserstatt and walk for about 2 hours up the mountain path, signposted Haagen. It is cooler early in the morning,the aim is to get there for brunch, so you arrive with an appetite. Adults pay a fixed fee of around 20 CHF each and the children pay 1 franc for each year of age. The idea is that you can eat and drink as much as you want. Early birds can have a swiss breakfast selection,then there is the brunch/lunch version, homemade rosti, with eggs,cheese or plain, wurst (sausage), bread with melted mountain cheese. A variety of cakes and open tarts with cream and a coffee or cool drink.
Haagen is used all year,in the winter serving delicious food to skiers.In the summer,to the walkers or cyclists. There are also cows,goats, pigs and chickens, you may see the traditional cheese making process in action in their hut. You may be lucky enough to have this sort of weather, but we have had it wet and cool.
On the walk down to Bidmi you may hear people yodeling - yes really, or marmots whistling their warnings. At Bidmi the preparations will be underway for the rest of the day and evening. the children can make a paper lantern for the parade in the evening and there are 'toys' for young and old to play with. The next bit can be altered - we go back to the chalet and return to Bidmi for 9 o'clock, armed with warm clothes and torches. if you still have an appetite in the evening there are various dishes to buy - our favourite is the rissotto with roast pork. There is also a bar. Arriving at this time misses out on the local 'presidents' speech and some of the manic fireworks that are sometimes let off by unsupervised children - over the years they have become far stricter, but it is still very relaxed in both sales and use compared to the UK - and cheaper. There is a parade of children's lit homemade, Bidmi made or bought paper lanterns around the lake just before the firework display.
This is the reason for the evening trek,to see the most amazing firework display - it is set around the small lake, surrounded by the mountains. At around 10.00pm there is a 30 minute display to music, it's noisy, beautiful and professional. Afterwards everybody walks back down to their 'homes',looking out for the beacons which are lit on the mountain tops and the  firework displays around the valley.